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Title: Combustion of vegetable oil droplets
Authors: Wibulswas, Prida
Supapimol, Kawkiat
Keowchung, Uthai
Keywords: Vegetable oils
Palm oil
Issue Date: 1993
Type: Preprint
Series/Report no.: REP150 1993;c.1
REP150 1993;c.2
Abstract: Diesel oil in Thailand is imported from a neighbouring country or refined from inported petroleum. Several vegetable oils which are locally produced such as palm oil, rice bran oil, sun flower oil, soybean oil, and their derivatives, have potential to partially substitute diesel oil. However, a few technical barriers have to be overcome and the most suitable vegetable oil has to be identified. A mass transfer- theory based upon the Reynolds flow model is proposed to predict the combustion rates of vegetable oils and also used to predict the performance of a compression-ignition (C.I.) engine run on vegetable oils. The mass transfer conductance for the theory is deduced from natural and forced convection equations around a sphere and the mass transfer number is estimated from the heating value, mass fractions of the fuel and oxidant, etc. With natural convection condition, the combustion rates of 2.5 and 5 cm diameter droplet models are predicted and tested for diesel oil, palm oil methyl ester, rice bran cooking oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil. Test results of 5 cm diameter model agreed fairly well with the predicted values. Deviations of experimental values from the corresponding predicted values are about 6 - 9%. The mass transfer theory is applied to predict the performances of the C.I. engine. Based on forced convection equation on very small droplets, the power ratios of vegetable oils to diesel oil correspond fairly well to the predicted values. Because of the friction loss in the engine, correction factors based on engine speeds are derived to improve the predicted results. Prediction on performances of C.I. engines needs refinement. Further studies should be conducted for other types of vegetable oil derivatives and for various blends between vegetable oils and diesel oil.
Description: Research and development journal of the engineering institute of Thailand. 4, 2 (1993) : p. 76-85
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