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Title: Analysis of aircraft engine replacement
Authors: Srifongcum, Kristsada
Keywords: Aircraft engine industry
Manufacturing industries
Airplanes Turbofan engines
Turboprop engine
Reciprocating engine
Lycoming O-540-E4A5
Allison 250-B17C
Issue Date: 2006
Type: Thesis
Series/Report no.: SIU SS SOT-MESE 2006-01;
Abstract: Nowadays the aircrafts that used for pilot training of the Thai Air Force are not enough. The purchasing of new aircrafts are very expensive. Despite purchasing new aircrafts, the modification of the retired aircraft is the one alternative to save a lot of money. The SIAI MARCHETTI aircrafts are retired over five years, however the aircraft structures and its components are useable. In others country, such as the Philippines had modified this aircraft by replacing an engine from the reciprocating engine to a turboprop engine. The modified SIAI MARCHETTI has a greater performance than the original one because the engine that replaced has a higher performance. The purpose of this study was studied the engine operation of a gas turbine engine and a reciprocating engine. And the study had compared the Allison 250- B17C engine performance with the Lycoming O-540-E4A5 which is the engine that installed in the SIAI MARCHETTI aircraft. The study also compared the original SIAI MARCHETTI aircraft performance with the modified SIAI MARCHETTI aircraft with the Allison 250-B17C engine. The study separate into three part, first, study in the engine operation by using the theoretical data to analyze the difference of engine operation and components. Second, study the Allison 250-B17C and Lycoming O-540-E4A5 then compared the engine basic performance. Finally, compare the aircraft performance by using the physical data of the modified aircraft and the original aircraft to get the advantage and disadvantage of them. The finding, in a gas turbine engine operation is similar to the four- stock reciprocating engine. But in a gas turbine fuel combust in a constant pressure but a reciprocating engine occurs at constant volume. The physical performance of Allison 250-B17C is greater than the Lycoming O-540-E4A5 which has a less weight and generated more power. The modified aircraft has a higher performance than the original aircraft but it consumed more fuel so the cost of fuel of the Allison 250- B17C engine is greater.
Description: Prof. Dr.Damrong Kummongkol (Deputy Dean, School of Technology) ; Committee Dr.-Ing. Pongpan Kaewjinda (Advisor), Prof.Dr.Prida Wibulswas (Committee), Prof. Dr.Damrong Kummongkol (Committee).
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