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Title: Analyzes and comparative pf performance and cost of aircraft engines
Authors: Khunrach, Prawit
Keywords: Royal Thai Air Force
Aircraft engine industry
Airplanes Motors
Optimum Engine
Issue Date: 2006
Type: Thesis
Series/Report no.: SIU RS SOT-MESE 2006-01;
Abstract: The objective of this research was to select the optimum engine for the RTAF when replacing the old engine. This study uses parametric cycle analysis to analyze the engine performance and it uses cost analysis to compare each engine and considers the technology that the manufacturing company put into the engines. Another factor is emissions and noise that the engines emit when they work. Regarding the results, the parameters that were used to analyze the engine performance were, (1) Specific thrust (2) Specific fuel consumption (3) Thrust Ratio (4) Thermal efficiency (5) Propulsive Efficiency and (6) Overall Efficiency. In terms of cost, the total annual cost was calculated. Regarding the environmental impact, there are 4 factors for comparison (1) HC (2) CO (3) NOx and (4) Noise reduction. It was concluded that, focusing on specific fuel consumption and overall efficiency, the CFM56-7 is better than V2527-A5 .The total annual cost for the CFM56-7 is lower than V2527-A5. In terms of emissions, for HC and CO the V2527-A5 is better but for NOx and Noise reduction the CFM56-7 is better. The RTAF should select the CFM56-7 as a replacement engine.
Description: Prof. Dr.Damrong Khummongkol (Deputy Dean, School of Technology) ; Committee Prof. Dr.Prida Wibulswas (Advisor), Prof. Dr.Damrong Khummongkol (Committee), Dr.Pruitipong Thaicham (Committee), Group Captain Ardjit Aiumrahong (Co-Advisor).
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