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Title: Personal Knowledge Management 3.0: The Wisdom of Facebooking
Authors: Vacharasintopchai, Thiti
Keywords: Personal Knowledge Management
Social Networking
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2013
Type: Presentation
Series/Report no.: Proc. 1st International Conference on Public and Private Sectors Governance Development and Innovation, January 30-31, 2013, Shinawatra University, Pathum Thani, Thailand;
Abstract: Wisdom according to Buddhist belief is obtained through listening, thinking, asking, and writing. The theory of organizational knowledge creation states the importance of experience recordings and the exchanges of experiences with friends and colleagues. Through listening, thinking, asking, and writing, a person’s bodies of knowledge is collected in a certain form of repository which would readily support him/herself when needed. Combined with bodies of knowledge that reside in similar repositories of friends and colleagues, new bodies of knowledge can be created and existing ones can be advanced in a spiral manner. The rate at which bodies of knowledge are gained depends on the rate at which this process proceeds. One cycle of knowledge creation could take months or weeks in the old days. A similar cycle could take days, if not hours or minutes, now that knowledge capturing and communication technologies have become so prevalent, especially on handheld smartphone devices. This article puts the knowledge creation process in the context of modern technologies. We argue that participating on Facebook, the most widely used electronic socialization tool on the Web, is not time-wasting as many have claimed; but rather, helps a person to become productive by staying closer to recorded bodies of knowledge and the wisdom of friends and colleagues.
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