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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Oct-2015 Accelerated connected S-MA-R-T network to encourage broadband policy in ThailandInluksana, Suchada; Anurit-Jakrapan, Pacapol; Vacharasintopchai, Thiti
12-Dec-2008 Common Infrastructure for Knowledge and Information ManagementWuwongse, Vilas; Vacharasintopchai, Thiti; Intaraksa, Neelawat
23-Apr-2009 Curriculum Vitae / C.V. / CV of Thiti Vacharasintopchai, a.k.a. Thiti V. Sintopchai ประวัติ ดร.ธิติ วัชรสินธพชัย thitivVacharasintopchai, Thiti
18-Feb-2012 How to Connect Your Mac to the SIU IntranetVacharasintopchai, Thiti
11-Dec-2009 An Improved People-Search Technique for Directed Social Network GraphsVacharasintopchai, Thiti; Nguyen-Huu, Phong
23-Sep-2010 An Intelligent Agent for Ubiquitous Travel Information Assistance with Location AwarenessVacharasintopchai, Thiti; Jesdabodi, Chakajkla; Ngoc Nguyen, Tu
6-Mar-2012 Interactive Application Form for Undergraduate and Graduate ProgramsChenvidyakarn, Torwong; Vacharasintopchai, Thiti
24-Aug-2011 Introducing Architectural Precast Concrete StructuresVacharasintopchai, Thiti
24-Mar-2009 Introduction to Semantic Web ServicesVacharasintopchai, Thiti
3-Apr-2011 Low-rise vs. Tall Buildings: What is Safer during Earthquake in Bangkok?Vacharasintopchai, Thiti
Apr-2000 A Parallel Implementation of the Element-Free Galerkin Method on a Network of PCsVacharasintopchai, Thiti
5-Dec-2001 A Parallel Implementation of the Element-Free Galerkin MethodBarry, William; Vacharasintopchai, Thiti
31-Jan-2013 Personal Knowledge Management 3.0: The Wisdom of FacebookingVacharasintopchai, Thiti
Nov-2003 Semantic Web Services for Computational Mechanics : A Literature Survey and Research ProposalVacharasintopchai, Thiti
30-Jan-2008 Semantic Web Services Framework for Computational InteroperabilityVacharasintopchai, Thiti
Mar-2007 Semantic Web Services Framework for Computational MechanicsVacharasintopchai, Thiti; Barry, William; Wuwongse, Vilas; Kanok-Nukulchai, Worsak
Dec-2007 A Structural Engineering Support System using Semantic ComputingVacharasintopchai, Thiti
7-Dec-2006 Weblog and Digital Library in Knowledge ManagementVacharasintopchai, Thiti
13-Dec-2007 Weblog, Digital Library, and Semantic Web Services Approach to Computer-Aided Engineering DesignVacharasintopchai, Thiti; Wuwongse, Vilas; Kanok-Nukulchai, Worsak; Chalermsook, Krissada
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19


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